Monday, September 8, 2008

Unicode revisited

Okay I didn't get any better topic today to discuss about. This one is another post about the UTF-8. Unicode is a powerful tool. Indeed. I figured out one more great way to type what I want in Hindi or Bangla, without actually installing a program for that. I installed language supports in Ubuntu. The same can be done from somewhere called "Regional Settings" in control panel if you're using windows. I am using phonetic Hindi keyboard option (whatever you call it).

I am going to type the same thing in English, Hindi and Bangla.

I am Sudipto. I study in NIT Raipur in Computer Science.

मेरा नाम सुदीप्तो है। मै एन आई टी रायपुर मे पढता हू।

অামার নাম সুদীপ্ত। অামি এন অাই টী রায়পুরে পরি।

So you see, UTF-8 standard is so powerful, and here I am once again, demonstrating what all we can do with it. We can even chat in our language, provided the application does support UTF-8. Gtalk and Pidgin and Yahoo messenger do support it.