Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Download YouTube and other streaming videos in Linux without any program

Linux is a great Operating System, as I've always been seeing. This post is going to describe a technique that I've been using for quite some time now. Experienced users may be familiar to this. But this post is targeted towards that are unaware.

There have been times when most of us have wanted to download a particular YouTube or other streaming video. In Linux, this is possible without the use of any external program.

In Linux, the streaming video is stored in /tmp directory. So, all one needs to do is go to the /tmp directory. If thumbnails are shown, it is easy to spot the video. If not, then looking for files starting with Flash will do the job. These are the files that are being streamed. But only the amount that has been streamed is stored in this file. One can simply copy this to the Desktop and view it with any media player.

If it is not Linux that one is using, then AFAIK, options are limited. There is a website, that helps people to download YouTube and Google Videos. But it is only limited to these two. It is called

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