Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fucked up life won't always be fucked up

Those who have known me in recent years, know well of how I have a record in almost getting fucked up but escaping the danger at the last moment by a fucking millimeter. Right now, the time is bad. I am facing shit with the most important thing - getting the fuck out of dependence, and I'm on the verge of fucking up. All I can do is do what I normally do - keep calm. But under the circumstances, it seems pretty tough. But I know I'll get through this, intact and victorious.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New photoblog with phtography tips- Visio Planet

After much waiting, I finally published my Photoblog on my own domain. Honestly, I was quite busy doing this for the last few days. And when your ISP gives you a speed of 0.1 kbps after stating the speed in the advertisement as - "SUPERFAST INTERNET", it's not quite easy to do things. You have to wait the whole day to do something which would otherwise take about an hour. I am thinking of writing about this shitty thing in my social shit unmasked blog, which will of course then be the first story I'd write there. For those of you who are interested in what I'm interested in, try checking out my new blogs. You might find something of interest.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Agartala railway station

Agartala railway station, originally uploaded by Sudipto_Sarkar.
I was checking out the most viewed photographs in my flickr account today. Surprisingly it was this low resolution Motorola cameraphone picture of the railway station, which I clicked about a couple of years ago.

This edifice won't look like a railway station at first sight. In fact you won't know till you are either told, or till you see the trains or the interiors.

The station ain't very big if you consider the fact that there are no broad gauge lines. The only lines are the meter gauge lines, and you can go till Silchar on these trains. And not to mention how slow they are. The last time I heard about them, they'd take 18 hours to reach Silchar, as if 12 hours on a bus journey was less.

Anyway, the topic ain't how slow or how utterly useless it is for long journey, although it is quite useful for travelling to places which aren't very far and waiting for buses can be a pain in the ass.

The architecture resembles that of a palace. In face, it is build in memory of the Ujjayanta Palace, which was the royal palace of ancient Tripura, now situated in a place outside Agartala.

Now as I checked Google for "Agartala railway station", this picture was in the front page. Feels good being on the front page for a keyword I did not deliberately use for SEO. :)

P.S. Your comments are valuable. Do lemme know what you thought about this.

New blog about shit in society

Regardless of who we are, we all go through shit of some kind or the other every day. Almost all "organizations" are using us in some way or the other. And I for one, am really really pissed off with that. So I decided to dedicate an entire blog upon the subject.

I have teamed up with another blogger to do this with. Together, we are going to reveal the truth behind some things which will advertise themselves as really good and beneficial, but as soon as you look into them or spend your money in it, they start kicking your ass. It's better to be aware of such shit before you take a step. This blog is an insight into that.

Here's the link:

At present we have just written the introductory post, which you'll find here:

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Currency INR (Indian National Rupee)

Some of you guys know that I used to be into photography. And although I never really had the chance to get myself a good camera, I now have a good camera at my disposal now. So, I just thought I'd post my flickr photographs here on my blog as I keep clicking them.

This one's a hundred rupee note kept under five 1 Re coins. The dead subject intrigued me, and I came up with this.