Friday, November 27, 2009

Hack your life

This blog has taken a sudden shift from ultra l33t hacker articles to articles relating to the life of a hacker. But that, I suppose is a good thing. Now it won't be boring for anyone.

Today, I will tell you the greatest hack that was ever discovered. The hack can and has changed several lives. But only for those that have known it and done it. If you know this, you can hack your life! But first, it requires you to hack your mind.

As with all of us, on a wide basis, we all have two kinds of philosophies:
  1. Everything happens for a reason
  2. There is no such thing as reason. Everything is an accident.
People going with the second philosophy never really do anything. And the people going with the first one, eventually come up to an inference that there is something which is known as "FATE". From what I see, both are mistaken. There is no such thing as fate. And nothing is an accident. Whatever we see happening in front of us, is in some way or the other invited by us. At some point of time, we have imagined that happening. And that is the sole reason why it is happening.

What I am trying to do here is share what I know. My motive here is not to change what you believe, but to show you the truth. It is however, upto your discretion  to do what you think is right.

You look back. Say, 20 years back from now. There was telephone, and there was this newly born Internet (newly born in the sense that the general public had just started using it). The world had already started seeing cases of cyber crimes. Those included a great deal of social engineering. Calling people up in organizations and then pretending to be a government official or maintenance staff or something and then extracting relevant information from them. People used to think that one day, in near future, there will be no prank calls. Everyone would know who is calling. Everyone will know the calling number, and after some time, they'd know the name. And after that, they might even know what the purpose of the call is!

Now fast forward to the present. We first had caller IDs coming to the market. We started getting numbers. But eventually, we figured it was hard to remember all the numbers. So, it became necessary now, to know the name as well. So, we started having phone books, which would tell the name of the person calling now.

What my point in telling all this is that when you think of something that isn't there (not just in the realm of technology), you fear it. Eventually when that does start happening, you slowly accept it, and at a certain point of time, it all becomes "normal".

Have you ever wondered why it is like, someone or some groups of people imagine a certain thing, which might turn into fear or absolute awe, becomes reality after some time?

Well, I gotta tell you, it's mostly because they communicate it with others. When many people start wondering about the same thing, it materializes faster. Now, guess what? Everyone's probably thinking about 2012. After the movie is out, the mayan controversy is back again. More people now know about this. As a result, more people think about this same thing. This is not the way it should be. Because if we think about it over and over again, it will definitely materialize. But when we do a little more research on the Internet, we come to know that it is what archaeologists and scientists "think". This may or may not be true that the Mayan saw the end of the world coming. It might have been some other cause. But, this very thought is taking us closer to the end. Now I cannot change how the world thinks, but I can suggest a better way of trying to make things better (favorable).

One thing I have learned in all this time is, "Thoughts become Things". If you think something about some event or material, it will eventually materialize.

Pertaining to the last post, where I wrote about how pathetic the situation is. It is not because it is what it is. We have been witnessing some of it, and have been thinking the same since the last few decades. As a result, this has been exponentially increasing. The more we try to run from them, the more we go towards them. That's how things work. The only way out of this would be think about what you want, rather than what you don't want.

With these words, I make the last post or rather, this post, controversial. I am saying exactly the opposite of what I did. But, the only justification I'd give to that, is that if I didn't post that, there was no point in posting this article.

My point also, is that competition is not what takes us towards "the greater good". It is creation. This can be proven from day to day experience. And if you are in India, and have been a good student, as they call it, at some point of time, you'd understand this. If your aim is to top the class, you'd always think of beating the person in front of you. In all, you'd be left trying to be better than a set standard, but you can never understand what really is the "standard" that is supposed to be good. In fact, there is none. You define what you want and if you take the steps to get it, you definitely will.

A mass trend in thoughts is leading us all to what we are going to. If we have to change something which pertains to all of us, all of us, or at the very least, most of us should think that way.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

India - Not a free society

This post is rather about how governments and their legislation and stuff are full of unnecessary vulnerabilities. I must say this before I begin:

I hereby declare that all this information is entirely true. I shall not be responsible if this causes and stupid wars or something. All I am doing is speaking the fucking truth. If you cannot admit and accept the truth, you'd better not read this. I have a right to freedom of speech, and you or anyone else cannot blame me for using that right.

All I am trying to do here, is open people's eyes, not blind them.

So, it happens that a few days back, I happen to smoke a cigarette after dinner on the roof with a neighbor (a guy from another college). All of a sudden, there's a fucking blast, and a house nearby seems to be on fire. We both run on towards the railing of the roof to see whatever was going on. Turns out that a bike is going towards the end of the street. The building is on fire. A drain right in front of it is on fire, which clearly tells that some kind of fuel was used. We stood in awe, and noticed that the door is on fire. I thought it was a good idea to go tell someone so that the situation could be brought under control. I told the other guy, "Hey man, let's go tell someone. The fire might spread." To that, he says, "Let's just finish the cigarette first." I thought that was quite reasonable, 'cause the fire was already going high. How much could it increase in about a couple of minutes?

I could not hold on that long. The fire seemed pretty annihilating. I threw more than half the cigarette and went down to tell someone. Then people gathered around and tried putting out the fucking fire. Then it turns out that the house was a shop, that remains closed most of the time. The fire brigade came, and then came the cops (Yeah, someone did call 'em up). So, I got dragged as the witness. Of course, all I'd seen was the taillight of the bike. I just told 'em what I'd seen. Meanwhile, the other guy, with whom I was smoking, hid his coward little ass in his room. So, I reckoned it was better not to utter the fact that I wasn't the only one to see that shit.

A few days later the cops come again to get some more information. I told the same thing again. Of course, there wasn't anything else to be told.

Today, that same guy (the cop that came the other day) comes up again and tells me that there won't be no hearing for that case, 'cause the shop owner hadn't any financial information about that little shop of his. I felt a bit relaxed, mostly because I had this exam going on (not because I had to testify, for I was ready to do that, but wasn't ready to hamper the exam for that). We talked about how the student life was with me. He told that he had caught a few guys from my college going around drunk at 3 at nights. We were on the same page with me telling that stuffs should be up to a certain limit (you have to say stuffs to socialize right?). He told how he had to spend a lot of money for his son, who is now a doctor. He told how he'd ran our from home and stayed in Kolkata for a few years (after coming to know that it's where my home is). All in all, it was a nice talk. Then he went away.

After a few minutes, I went out with a friend of mine, to have some tea and a smoke or two. He came on another friend's bike. As we were going back towards my place (he was dropping me), some cops stopped us (the police station is on the way). I looked at the guy wh0 was in front of us. I was relieved to see that the guy was the same cop who came to my house about a few minutes ago. I thought he won't bother me, 'cause he knows me. He gave me a smile, and told my friend (who was driving) to show him the license and the papers of the bike. The papers were supposed to be under the seat. We tried to open it up for about five minutes. Not having done so earlier, took us quite some time. Then we didn't find it, the bike owner had kept it somewhere else in his house. Now we were in deep shit. The cop now says that we'd have to pay a fine. The other way out is to give him a bribe of 100 bucks. I was astonished to see, that the guy was telling that. Just a few minutes ago, he was such a good person. And now, he was just another "Indian" cop.

Sooner or later, we had to give up. The bike wasn't ours. We had to give the fucking money. I didn't quite like the idea of bribing him. There was no slip or something. All the money went in his pocket. Now, the point is (about which I came to know later), that they are not traffic police. So, they can't just stop a vehicle in the road and ask for money. Another guy got caught and although he had all the papers, was being asked to pay a 100 bucks (bribe of course) by the same man. He, on the other hand used his tactics to get out of the situation.

They say India will be a developed nation by 2020. But honestly, I don't see a fucking chance. India, as I see from the inside, is not a developing country. Ironically, it can't be labeled an underdeveloped country either. I'd label India as (and probably I might be inventing a new word), an UNDERDEVELOPING country. While the rest of the world is going forward, India is going backwards. Many people will say stuffs against this, but again, it is them who are the cause for this. And this is not the only incident because of which I'm so much pissed off. I live here, and I see shit happening every single day. After all, this country, or any goddamn country is not made of soil and water and trees and flowers and mountains! We, the fucking people, the inhabitants make the country. But, I reckon, the people of this country will never learn this. I do not really feel enraged any more. I feel sorry for this country.