Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Call for hackers

This is an open call for all hackers worldwide.

k0r0pt The all new hacker ezine requires articles for the first edition. If you are a hacker, and you are interested in sharing your research and/or experiences with other hackers of the world, then do write.

To take a look at the Editorial Policy, visit

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog shifted back.

This blog has been shifted back here. I landed into this decision, because I rarely write about hacking and exploration anymore, because I do not get much time. Also, I have started another hacker ezine, which is called k0r0pt. Information about this can be found at The magazine needs writers. So, if anyone is reading this blog entry and is willing to write for the magazine, please be directed by the Editorial Policy there.

And about this blog, I will still continue to write here, probably more about explored sections of hacking, that I come to know. About my further research in those fields, well you can see them in the magazine.

Till then, enjoy exploring and remember, hacking is fun!