Sunday, February 22, 2009

Privacy is dead in the European Union

Privacy is deadAccording to recent news, cops and government security services do not any more need a warrant to hack into other's computers. This was done, following the proposals by the European Union about extending use of intrusive surveillance.

At present, authority has to be granted by a chief constable. But, this level of authority does mean a blow to personal privacy. The common man is the loser here.

Opposing political parties and privacy organizations are threatening a legal counter attack.

According to other reports, 194 police hacking operations were already accomplished in England, Wales and Ireland in the last two years.

But all in all, the common man is the real loser, as no doubt these powers that have been granted to the police officials will some day or the other, be misused against people for personal reasons.

IT-Panel: Police can hack into your PC

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