Monday, August 8, 2011

The height of being fucked up

And just when I thought that life can't be any more fucked up, my apartment started overflowing with water. I was busy on the computer working on something and all of a sudden, my eyes turn toward the floor and a massive pool of water is flowing from the kitchen. The kitchen's drowned completely, which made it impossible to look for the fucking source. I stepped outside only to find that everything else in the building is dry. Disappointment eh? Good thing that I spotted the shit in time to save the POD X3. A slight delay and 23k bucks would have gone down the drain.

Didn't take long to figure out I was living in a hell hole. First thing in the morning is to look for a new place. Something "hospitable".


CanadianGardenJoy said...

I can't help but comment on your post .. it made me laugh and feel sorry for you at the same time .. there are many , many moments of my life when I thought it had to be the height of being fucked up LOL .. never think you have reached the pinnacle of that .. it can always be worse ? wink wink
Hey .. thanks for visiting and leaving comments on my blog .. I appreciate it .. and .. I want to be a better photographer each time I find satisfaction in a shot .. it is an addiction to want to improve more and more.
Joy : )from the Great White North EH!

Sudipto Sarkar (Xtreme) said...

@CanadianGardenJoy :) Actually I didn't go looking for a new place...
But I guess there always is something worse than the worst things we go through... :) BTW, I should stop posting from my blogger profile y'know... :) But my openid stopped working with the new blogger templates... I actually post in Visioplanet