Monday, February 8, 2010

About anonymous comment posting

If you are someone who hasn't posted any comments on this blog, this post isn't for you. If you are someone who hasn't posted any anonymous comments on this blog, this post isn't for you either. If you have posted any anonymous comments on this blog, but they aren't either of the first comment on this and this page, this post isn't for you. From the last criteria, if you find that it was you who posted those comments or either of them, read on. I have a message for you too.

I have a thing against anonymous comments. So far I have had very few comments on this blog. That was as long as I wrote about computers and electronics hacking. Noone really cared what I wrote about. That was the shittiest time this blog has seen. All the stuff put in one place. And most of that was my own research. Might be something that has existed for ages, but some stuff in there was always new. Of all the comments, not one was one that was supposed to be a kick on my face. But then one day, when I had almost stopped writing about my research (I have stopped that since the start of seventh semester), an anonymous comment pops up. Obviously I was not happy to see the way it was delivering the message. "But that was a long time ago. Why talk about it now?", you'd say. So, here it is again.

The last post, I receive another such anonymous comment. For this one, I'm guessing names, and I get just one. The name, for your information, has been deduced from the time, the way of writing, the style of spelling words and the style of punctuation. Next time this anonymous commenting is necessary, try to be "anonymous".

So, my point is not to tell everyone what kind of shit this is or that it should not be done, or even that it should be done, so that I change and become a normal guy, and a good human being.

To express the whole thing I have in my mind to you, in two words, "FUCK THAT"! First of all, PLEASE do not tell me what to do, and second of all, if you have a suggestion for me, it better be just a suggestion. That's because I'd think over what I hear and then decide whether or not it is something I am going to do. So, if you are one of the people who think they think good of me by trying to change the way I am, think of me as not your friend, but your enemy. If you have something against me, say it on my face. And last of all, I have enough friends. I don't need friends who can't respect what I am.

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