Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life's taking turns

Past few days have been full of parties. Have been drinking for five consecutive days till the day before the day before yesterday. Meanwhile there's been this Eclectika thing. We played there, and although we preferred not to go for the first slot, as the "coordinators" had decided, because of the real bad situation when it comes to sound engineering on stages in Raipur, we did get thrown in for the first slot. Another interesting thing worth remembering comes up here.

There was this band, who had the first slot onstage that day and we were to come up after that. So, I and Dev (who are hardcore cigarette addicts, and had been going on without one for about three hours), decided to go and have a cigarette. Pappan had one, and we went to the street of Sanskrit college to have a smoke. We had switched our phones off, for they might interfere with the huge amplifiers on the stage if a call comes in. Suddenly, as we're having the cigarette, the sound check of the other band stops and the host announces something about a next band, although I wasn't sure whether it really was that, I couldn't hear the name of the band though, for a bike passed us right at that moment. We kept smoking for like 2 minutes, when I switched my phone on to see the time, and as soon as I did, Jay called in (who's the bassist). And he tells that we're live. Me and Dev had to run to the stage for we were like three minutes late. The sound "engineers" were real talented people. All the cables were fucked up. We had a bad time setting up the sound levels. The people coordinating the event would come up over and over again to tell us that the time was being consumed. Of course we had to snap and tell them to take care of the sound instead of filling our heads with fear.

After all was set up, and we started our first song, our great "engineers" reduced the lead guitars to an extent where it was practically not audible. So the first song got fucked up, thanks to them. Before the second song, we did have the levels increased. Thanks to a few rock listeners, people knew this song and did cheer us when they learned it was Sweet child o' mine.

The revaluation results were out the day before yesterday. The maths department (the greatest one amongst all colleges in the entire world, leaving colleges like MIT and Berkeley University far behind), did fuck up everyone who had applied for a revaluation of the subject, getting everyone below 15, when they were just one mark behind what was needed to pass by grace. Managing money for the back forms was a real pain in the ass.

I'll upload a few photographs and the video pertaining to eclectika when I get my hands on them. In the mean time, I have been recalling a story from my life (again about a girl), but that's another post.


Minnie said...

Loved the sarcastic touch dude..
U r getting better with time!!

Xtreme said...

@Minnie, :) and who says anger ain't good?