Monday, June 14, 2010

Bye bye academics

I am Jack's smirky face.

Academics are over. I'm back at my parents'. And I have a shitload of time to kill. Oh, and I got placed too, although the booze party was a little short of booze.

Lately, things have been quite boring. Most of the time, I'm either watching the idiot box, or sitting in front of the computer playing a ten year old game. With no beer for about a month, you can imagine what it's like. Days are passing by, either sleeping or getting bored. My laptop's in the hospital getting its backlight controller circuit regrown. Damn that bucket of water that fell on it a couple of months back.

I am Jack's idle brain.

Dad bought this new camera, so I got quite a revival of photography now, playing around with the macro lens mode and every convex lens I can muster to find in the house. I spent some days composing the song, I started last year at about this time. Made some progress, although I'm yet to complete the lyrics of that.

Other than that, I'm working yet again on the graphic novel I started to work on last year. Waiting to get a new tablet, just so that I can digitize all of my work without having to consider managing a scanner from somewhere. Have almost finished working on the story anew. All I have to do now is work on the synopsis, the characters, the script, concept art and then the panels, inking coloring, lettering and page setup. Shitload of work again.

I am Jack's brain feeling a little more occupied now.

Other than all this, as if it were not enough, I'm thinking of working on another graphic novel, but placing this under an open source license, something similar to NYC2123. Yes, I am talking about an open source graphic novel. And what did you think? The open source thing applies only to softwares? In case you didn't know, other than softwares, it applies to hardware, movies, music, paintings, photographic works etc. Whatever you want it to apply to. And if you're really thinking that you should have known that, you'd seriously want to follow my blog about open source here.

Anyways, coming back to the topic, I'd really appreciate it if I could get people to work with me on this. Someone to think out a good story, someone to write the script, I'd like to work on the art (might include all of the inking, coloring and lettering process if no individual expert is willing to join me).

Other than that, I got ill. Now I won't make up another Jack's sentence to describe that. Ciao fellas!


buckingfastard said...

thats helluva lot things ur doing widout monthly quota of beer!! bows!!

graphics novel sounds soo wow!! giv us a peek wid the scanner wen u can!! :D

Xtreme said...

@buckingfastard Thanks man! Glad you read.. :)