Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Living with Nurvs of Steel as Nurvs of Steel

It has been an awesome week. Doing shows with Nurvs of Steel, it's pretty damn good to see people who "never" listen to Metal or even "English" music give a good response.

The last show was in R K Mall for the final round of Campus Jung. It always sucks when the sound systems are fucked up, and here in Raipur, it's never good. The crowd wasn't enough though. Not as much enthusiastic as the one in Magneto. Thanks to the organizers, who had earlier mentioned that if bands do not report by 12 noon, they will be DQed but couldn't set up the stage until it was about 5:30 in the evening (Yeah, their management does suck). What's more surprising is the fact that it was organized by Dainik Bhaskar and sponsored by Hero Honda. But I guess, when it's Raipur, shit is bound to happen. I remember the last time when me and Skouzer performed with Nimbus and although the stage was all indoor, the sound system was atleast better than this time (at least it wasn't in a mall).

At first the assholes cut the power supply to our processors and started announcing that if we're not done with the sound check in 1 minute, we'd be DQed. I guess it's all they can do. Threaten to DQ us on grounds absolutely insane.

I'm just about done uploading the videos to the Nurvs of Steel Youtube channel. I guess the post-processing will be done in about a few hours before I wake up. And I updated the Band's website. Some fucker flagged our site in facebook, so I can't add the link there any more. But I hope the facebook admins will take care of that. Some wallpapers are up for downloads there now.

I'm looking forward to be aired on MyFM - our next endeavor and I do hope we'd get enough votes. All I want is for things to work out. After all, this is what I'm gonna do. The sooner the better.

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