Friday, November 16, 2007

Cracking the windows OS

Ever thought about cracking into the windows box, without having to know the Admin password???

Well, here comes the ophcrack live CD. The ophcrack has been the best windows password cracker, in the open source world till date, which utilizes rainbow tables, to crack windows password. Now, the ophcrack comes with a live CD, which runs a version of slackware, which is a sort of Linux, and then extracts the password hash, from the file, which stores the windows registry. Then, it cracks the password with the help of rainbow tables. I came to know about the live CD issue from another post in a blog. More the RAM of the computer, more is the crackable length of the password. Till now, it can crack passwords upto 14 characters, which is the maximum number of characters allowed in the password by windows. Yes, though the MD5 algorithm supports 128 characters long a password, but the windows front end limits the password to 14 characters.

So, windows is broken.....

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