Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Free linux shipped at your doorstep...

Linux has al ways been free. But all those nasty huge downloads are too much for an average internet user. They take days to complete and the shipped CDs or DVDs are charged for the shipping costs.

Then came the Ubuntu linux, launched as a project by the company cannonical, who then launched four different versions of the award winning ubuntu linux, namely the UBUNTU, KUBUNTU, EDUBUNTU and EDUBUNTU. These linux are shipped to the door of any one who requests them, FREE OF ANY CHARGE. The XUBUNTU is not shipped at the time of this writing, due to lack of funds. Due to its free shipping feature, these distributions have become very popular worldwide. The UBUNTU uses a GNOME desktop environment, and the KUBUNTU uses KDE.

There is another very well known company in the linux market, which has later started a free meda project. The Redhat distribution, FEDORA is what I am talking about. It comes under the
Fedora free media program. Yes, FEDORA is also shipped for free. But due to some reasons, this one is at a halt this month.

There was also another Canadian website: thelinuxstore, which has been closed due to lack of enough funds. This site used to ship free distributions of various Linux brands, for free.

When we have to wait days for a free Linux distribution's download, these distributions can be shipped for free at your doorstep. The following links will lead you there...

The Fedora free media program
The Ubuntu linux
The Kubuntu linux
The edubuntu linux


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for sharing the free media distribution link, i don't hear about it before. ;-)

Xtreme Great said...

Thanks atin for your comment, and for visiting my blog...